Cadet Second Lieutenant Lia Kubitschek used her grant to participate in the 2019 Texas Glider Academy, a summer cadet special activity.


She accompanied the Colorado ASK-21 glider in its trailer from Colorado to Texas.


Major Carl Kiel was her glider instructor. 



Cadet Colonel Brendon Todd, Jr. of the Mesa Verde Cadet Squadron used his Foundation grant to attend the 2018 Southwest Region Flight Academy and solo in a Cessna 172 aircraft.



PHOTO: The Jeffco Senior Squadron


The Jeffco Senior Squadron used its Foundation grant to provide cadet orientation flights to cadet squadrons in its area and to provide aircrew proficiency exercises to train its senior crews in use of the G1000 avionics package , direction finder equipment, and search techniques.  

The Mesa Verde Cadet Squadron used its 2018 Foundation grant to fund continuation of its robotics program for cadets.

The Thompson Valley Composite Squadron used its Foundation grant for color guard equipment for its trained cadet honor guard members to provide professional honor guard services for the community. 


The Mile High Cadet Squadron used its Foundation grant to obtain and launch a weather balloon to 95,000 feet. 


The Boulder Composite Squadron used its 2020 Foundation grant to support purchase of drones for unit training toward full mission capability in the use of unmanned aerial systems. 

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